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Blending an approachable vibe and an abundance of warmth with culinary craft, Mara Bar is the cozy complement to our award-winning restaurant. Here, you’ll be welcomed in as a friend and invited to sip on cocktails or mocktails made just for you. Our bar team will also offer you a choice of light bites, sharable plates or a full meal, all served up with a hearty helping of genuine heart. Come as you are, and let us take care of the rest. Your ticket to the Mediterranean is closer than you think.

Name: Nate Beske
Occupation: Assistant Bar Manager

Profile: Nate Beske fuses beverage expertise with a passion for hospitality, creating a memorable Mara Bar experience. With a focus on local ingredients and well-balanced flavors, Nate’s cocktail creations are both new and nostalgic, and his welcoming personality is that of a loyal friend — one who is ready to care for you at every turn. 

“Mara Bar is an escape. We allow guests to slow down as soon as they get in the space, and we care for them through those little, special details throughout their time with us. It’s fine-dining hospitality wrapped in an easy, approachable bar.